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Comfort-Centric Approach We prioritize your comfort throughout the procedure, ensuring minimal pain and anxiety.
Time-Efficient Care Get back to your busy life sooner with our streamlined tooth extraction process that minimizes procedure time while maximizing quality and safety.
Personalized Recovery Tailored aftercare plans and expert guidance empower you to heal faster, enhancing your daily routine and overall well-being.
Confident Smile Continuity Preserve your natural aesthetics and self-assurance with our tooth extraction solutions that seamlessly pave the way for future dental enhancements.
Elevated Comfort Standards Embrace comfort like never before with our soothing environment, ergonomic equipment, and patient-centric approach, ensuring a stress-free tooth extraction experience.
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Tooth Removal

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a damaged or problematic tooth is removed from the socket in the jawbone, typically due to decay, infection, or crowding.

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure performed by dentists or oral surgeons to carefully remove a tooth from its original position in the jawbone and gums. It’s necessary for various reasons, including severe damage, infections, overcrowding, impacted wisdom teeth, and preventive measures for specific medical conditions.

The process involves administering local anesthesia to numb the area, loosening the tooth using specialized instruments, and gently removing it. After extraction, sterile gauze is placed at the site to control bleeding, and proper aftercare instructions are given, covering pain management, swelling reduction, oral hygiene, and dietary restrictions.

Although tooth extraction is routine, there are potential risks like infection and bleeding, emphasizing the importance of following post-extraction instructions. Replacement options like dental implants or bridges might be considered for functional and aesthetic restoration.


Gum Health Boost

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction offers relief from pain, prevents infection spread, aids in orthodontic treatment, and creates space for healthier teeth alignment.

Tooth Removal Procedure

Process of Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a tooth is carefully removed. Local anesthesia is often used to numb the area and minimize discomfort during the extraction.
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Tooth Extraction FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover essential information about tooth extraction: reasons, procedure, recovery, and aftercare. Get answers to common questions for a smooth dental experience.
Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jawbone. It’s typically done when a tooth is severely damaged, decayed, infected, or causing crowding.
You might need a tooth extraction if you have a severely decayed or damaged tooth, an impacted wisdom tooth, overcrowding, or if your tooth is causing infection or pain that cannot be treated with other dental procedures.
Dentists typically use local anesthesia during the procedure, so you shouldn’t feel pain. However, you might experience pressure or slight discomfort. Post-operative pain can be managed with pain medications prescribed by your dentist.
While complications are rare, they can include infection, excessive bleeding, damage to nearby teeth or structures, and dry socket (a painful condition where the blood clot at the extraction site is dislodged).
The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of the extraction. Simple extractions may take just a few minutes, while more complicated cases, such as impacted wisdom teeth, may take longer.
Your dentist will provide specific instructions, but generally, you may be advised to avoid eating or drinking for a certain period before the procedure, especially if you’ll be receiving anesthesia.
Your dentist will give you detailed post-operative instructions. These usually involve keeping the area clean, avoiding strenuous activities, and not smoking or using straws (to prevent dislodging the blood clot).
Recovery times vary, but you might need to take it easy for a day or two after the procedure. You should avoid strenuous activities and follow your dentist’s recommendations.
Initially, you might want to stick to soft foods to avoid putting too much pressure on the extraction site. As you heal, you can gradually reintroduce harder foods.
Depending on the tooth’s location and your dental health, your dentist might recommend a replacement, such as a dental implant, bridge, or denture, to prevent issues like shifting teeth or difficulty chewing.

Experienced, friendly staff

Meet The Team

We have a team of experienced, board-certified estheticians and periodontists near you, trained in the latest techniques for the health and beauty of your smile.

Dr. Lauren Hubbard

Lauren Hubbard


Dr. Lauren Hubbard was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. As an avid Hawkeye fan from an early age, she was determined to become a Hawkeye herself and graduated with high honors from The University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Physiology and went on to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the The University of Iowa College of Dentistry graduating with highest distinction.
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Dr. Fatima Tiwana

Fatima Tiwana

Board Certified Periodontist

Dr. Fatima Tiwana is a Dental School Gold Medalist. She Practiced general dentistry for 7 years before attending the Periodontics Graduate Program at the University of Detroit Mercy and completing her Certificate in Periodontics and Master of Science degree. Dr. Tiwana has practiced as a periodontist for over 8 years and is a board-certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology.
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Don’t live in fear of future tooth extractions, act now and make the process easier than ever. Our experienced specialists will provide you with the trusted, painless service you deserve. Book an appointment with us today and take back control of your dental care!

What our customers say

Paula stacke

September 21, 2023
Nikki was great. Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient.

Andy Busch

September 14, 2023
Amazing place. Dr.Miner is great!!!! The staff is excellent and very welcoming! Do not hesitate to get dental work done here. I recieved extensive dental work here and I can’t express how thankful I am at how great everyone is here. Dr.miner, danyelle, Nikki, and lauren are all beyond awesome. Professional people and are making something that is very nerve racking to me, a very easy and welcoming process.

Matthew Johnson

May 31, 2023
The best dentist I’ve ver used. Timely and great service. They don’t oversell, and my teeth haven’t looked better!

Amanda Hance

April 27, 2023
We have been really happy here since switching dental offices. Very clean environment and the staff is all friendly and professional. To top it off they are all amazing with children! My young daughters have had only positive experiences and enjoy coming!

Whitney Walz

April 26, 2023
It’s hard to beat the dentist I had growing up which created a positive impression of dentists for me — but West Lakes I’m Chaska has done it! Everyone I’ve worked with is thorough, efficient, and super nice. Also, Colleen is fantastic. She goes the extra mile when dealing with insurance, she provides estimates before services are performed, and she has fit me into the schedule last minute.

mary manning

April 21, 2023
Life-changing major dental implant experience here. These thoughtful, fun professional and knowledgeable women guide you patiently through the entire process, and somehow transform fear into excitement to get to your next appointment! Forever grateful I found this dental home!!

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