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Frenectomy treatment in Chaska, MN

Signs You Could Benefit From A Frenectomy

There are certain signs and symptoms that may indicate a potential need for a frenectomy. Here are some common indicators:
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Limited Tongue Movement Difficulty sticking out or moving your tongue may indicate the need for a frenectomy.
Gum Recession Frenulum tension can cause gum recession, which a frenectomy can address.
Orthodontic Issues Frenums may interfere with orthodontic treatment, necessitating a frenectomy.
Breastfeeding Challenges Infants with tongue-tie might experience breastfeeding difficulties, often resolved by a frenectomy.
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Frenulum modification procedure

What Is A Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a dental or medical procedure that involves the removal or alteration of a frenulum. A frenulum is a small fold of tissue that connects two structures in the body. 

A Frenectomy is a dental procedure performed to address a condition called a frenulum-related issue. The frenulum is a small fold of tissue present in the mouth, which can cause problems when it is unusually tight, short, or positioned incorrectly. There are two main types of frenulums in the mouth that may require a frenectomy:

During a frenectomy, the dentist or oral surgeon will carefully cut or release the frenulum to alleviate the restrictive effects. The procedure is usually quick and straightforward, and local anesthesia is often used to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Frenectomy treatment

After The Procedure

Post-frenectomy care is crucial for proper healing and to minimize the risk of complications. Here are some general guidelines for post-frenectomy care.

 If you have any questions or concerns during the recovery period, don't hesitate to reach out us for guidance and support.

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Frenectomy treatment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions about frenectomy treatment, a procedure that involves the removal or repositioning of a frenulum in the mouth. Discover its benefits, potential risks, and the conditions it addresses. Get comprehensive answers from our academic dental experts.
A frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that involves the removal or modification of the frenulum, a small fold of tissue that connects the lips, cheeks, or tongue to the gums or underlying tissues. This procedure can be performed using a scalpel or laser, and it aims to address issues like tongue-tie or lip-tie, which can affect speech, breastfeeding, and oral health.
A frenectomy may be recommended to address a restrictive frenulum that interferes with normal tongue or lip movement. Conditions like tongue-tie or lip-tie can cause difficulties in breastfeeding for infants and may lead to speech issues or difficulty with oral hygiene as the child grows. For adults, a frenectomy can be beneficial to alleviate discomfort or improve the mobility of the tongue or lips for better oral function and aesthetics.
Frenectomy is a relatively simple and minimally invasive procedure. Our experienced team at Foundations: Perio Sleep Aesthetics in Chaska, MN, uses local anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. You may experience mild discomfort or soreness after the treatment, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and proper care as advised by our dental professionals.
The duration of a frenectomy procedure varies depending on the complexity of the case and the technique used. In most cases, the procedure can be completed in just a few minutes. Our skilled dentists will evaluate your specific needs and provide an estimated treatment time during your consultation.
The recovery after a frenectomy is usually swift and straightforward. You may experience mild discomfort and some swelling at the site, which typically subsides within a few days. It is essential to follow post-operative care instructions provided by our dental team, which may include keeping the area clean, avoiding certain foods, and performing gentle stretching exercises to promote proper healing.
In some cases, stitches may be used to close the wound after a frenectomy. However, with laser frenectomy, stitches are usually not necessary as the laser cauterizes the tissue, reducing bleeding and promoting faster healing. Our dental professionals will discuss the technique best suited to your condition and inform you if stitches will be used during your frenectomy procedure.
Yes, a frenectomy can improve speech in children with tongue-tie or lip-tie. By releasing the restrictive frenulum, the tongue and lips can move more freely, allowing for improved articulation and pronunciation. Our experienced team at Foundations: Perio Sleep Aesthetics is trained to perform frenectomy procedures for children, and we work closely with speech therapists if additional support is needed to enhance your child’s speech development.
Yes, adults can benefit from a frenectomy as well. If you experience issues like tongue-tie or lip-tie that affect oral function, a frenectomy can be a simple and effective solution. It can also help alleviate discomfort or tension caused by a restrictive frenulum and improve overall oral health and aesthetics.
If you or your child experiences difficulties with breastfeeding, speech, or oral function, or if you notice a restricted tongue or lip movement, it may be beneficial to consult our dental team at Foundations: Perio Sleep Aesthetics. We will conduct a thorough evaluation and assess whether a frenectomy is appropriate to address your specific concerns.
Frenectomy is a safe procedure when performed by qualified dental professionals. However, like any surgical procedure, there are potential risks, though they are minimal. Risks may include infection, bleeding, or scarring. Our experienced team will carefully evaluate your oral health and medical history to ensure that a frenectomy is a suitable and safe option for you or your child. We will also provide detailed pre- and post-operative instructions to minimize any potential risks and ensure a smooth and successful frenectomy treatment.

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We have a team of experienced, board-certified estheticians and periodontists near you, trained in the latest techniques for the health and beauty of your smile.

Dr. Lauren Hubbard

Lauren Hubbard


Dr. Lauren Hubbard was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. As an avid Hawkeye fan from an early age, she was determined to become a Hawkeye herself and graduated with high honors from The University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Physiology and went on to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the The University of Iowa College of Dentistry graduating with highest distinction.
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Dr. Fatima Tiwana

Fatima Tiwana

Board Certified Periodontist

Dr. Fatima Tiwana is a Dental School Gold Medalist. She Practiced general dentistry for 7 years before attending the Periodontics Graduate Program at the University of Detroit Mercy and completing her Certificate in Periodontics and Master of Science degree. Dr. Tiwana has practiced as a periodontist for over 8 years and is a board-certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology.
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What our customers say

Paula stacke

September 21, 2023
Nikki was great. Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient.

Andy Busch

September 14, 2023
Amazing place. Dr.Miner is great!!!! The staff is excellent and very welcoming! Do not hesitate to get dental work done here. I recieved extensive dental work here and I can’t express how thankful I am at how great everyone is here. Dr.miner, danyelle, Nikki, and lauren are all beyond awesome. Professional people and are making something that is very nerve racking to me, a very easy and welcoming process.

Matthew Johnson

May 31, 2023
The best dentist I’ve ver used. Timely and great service. They don’t oversell, and my teeth haven’t looked better!

Amanda Hance

April 27, 2023
We have been really happy here since switching dental offices. Very clean environment and the staff is all friendly and professional. To top it off they are all amazing with children! My young daughters have had only positive experiences and enjoy coming!

Whitney Walz

April 26, 2023
It’s hard to beat the dentist I had growing up which created a positive impression of dentists for me — but West Lakes I’m Chaska has done it! Everyone I’ve worked with is thorough, efficient, and super nice. Also, Colleen is fantastic. She goes the extra mile when dealing with insurance, she provides estimates before services are performed, and she has fit me into the schedule last minute.

mary manning

April 21, 2023
Life-changing major dental implant experience here. These thoughtful, fun professional and knowledgeable women guide you patiently through the entire process, and somehow transform fear into excitement to get to your next appointment! Forever grateful I found this dental home!!

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